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Auckland's best selection of modern rugs

A stylish rug can be just the touch of decorating magic you need to give a room a cohesive feel. Rugs can add colour, comfort and warmth to a space while delineating different areas and even reducing footfall. For Auckland's best selection of modern rugs, visit Rug Studio in Ponsonby today.
New Arrivals for Autum 2017
Cosy up and style your home for Winter with one of the latest rug styles for Autumn 2017.
In-store now we are showing the latest trends in contemporary rug design with our new ranges of contemporary rug design.

Natural wool flat-weaves, jute and selected man made fibre rugs in the latest colour and design trends are now available in time for the Winter season.

Our Rug Sizes

It is important to choose a rug size that will compliment your individual needs as a rug that is either too large or too small may become inconvenient or unsafe and not allow you to get the most from your rug choice.
Our rugs are available in sizes ranging from the smaller 80 x 150 cm; which will lay in front of a door way, up to the largest 240 x 340 cm size; a size that will accommodate a dining table while you are seated. The most common sizes available are 120 x 170 cm; a size like a larger coffee table, 160 x 230 cm; a size which will lay in front of a three seat couch and 200 x 290 cm; a size to cover a wider floor area such as at the foot of a Queen sized bed.
We will try our best to source your first choice of rug in the size that best suits your individual space and needs.
Wide range of rugs

Artisan Wool

Rug Studio Ponsonby now stock a wide range of artisan wool weaves that use soft natural wool in a range of contemporary designs paired with natural colour tones.
These rugs have a range of stunning textures and use their heavy wool weaves to produce design rather than graphics or varying colours.
Our ranges of Artisan Wool Rugs are available in small to large sizes and will compliment a wide array of interior design styles from minimalist to colonial.
cartoon rugs

Modern Contemporary Ranges

At Rug Studio, you can choose from a range of modern and contemporary rugs crafted from man made products or wool. These fashionable rugs are perfect for bringing striking designs and colours into your home or office and offer a real value for money investment.
contemporary rugs

Traditional Design Rugs

Rug Studio stock a selection of traditional designed rugs including the luxurious Turkish Wilton Loom woven "Maori" rugs and flat woven wool "Berber Kelim" and "Beni Dhurrie" rugs.
The "Maori" range weave soft NZ new wool into an elegant Five Star grade wool rug with rich, deep colours and soft durable pile while "Berber Kelim" and "Beni Dhurrie" rugs blend traditional North African and Indian designs into contemporary weaves.
Our traditional rug ranges bend old tradition with contemporary style and can be used to compliment a wide range of interior designs.
View of a traditional rug

Outdoor Rugs

Compliment your outdoor area with one of our stylish, flat woven "Outdoor" range of all weather rugs. Constructed of U.V protected, water resistant fibre, these rugs create a sisal like weave that is hard wearing and durable. They can be used inside and out your home in both wet and dry conditions"Outdoor Rugs" are ideal for patio areas, loggias and doorways while also perfect for use in kitchen and laundry areas. They also make a stylish option as floor coverings for dining areas. "Outdoor" rugs are available in sizes ranging from 80 x 150 cm up to 200 x 290 cm
Our outdoor ranges are also hard wearing and easily maintained. With the same sisal-like appearance, these rugs feature hand bordered edging or subtle patterns. This is a great option for under the dining table or at the beach. 
Ideal for the kitchen, laundry or entry ways, our stunning natural range offers you a choice of fabric bound sisal, coir, jute, sea grass and bamboo. These rugs are available in a 80x150cm size for tight spaces, as well as the standard sizes mentioned above.
flatweave rug in a living room

Shag Pile Ranges

Our shag pile rugs are constructed from either heat set polypropylene or natural wool. Polypropylene is extremely hard-wearing so it is ideal for heavy traffic areas, plus it has the additional benefit of being free from fluff or shedding. Wool offers a warm and luxurious feel to any setting. Regular vacuuming and shaking of wool rugs will make certain that you can enjoy them for many years to come.
shag pile rug ranges

Natural Jute Rugs

Jute is a natural fibre that has been used in rug manufacture for many centuries as it is a strong, tactile fibre that gives an earthy and slightly oily texture much the same as linen and hemp fibre do. 
Rug Studio Ponsonby stock a selection of jute fibre rug ranges with a mixture of textures from heavier "Burma Sumak" weaves, flat woven "Seri" to finer "Kobe" and "Kobe" rugs.
Each of these ranges has an individual texture; "Seri" with a flat woven dhurrie weave, "Kobe" and "Osaka" are finer and have contemporary edgy metallic colour range, and each will combine traditional weaving with a contemporary style design.
Available in sizes from 160 x 230 cm up to 240 x 340 cm with some ranges also available in smaller sizes.
underlay for your house


Non skid underlay is essential and can be purchased for both hard floors and carpet. Teebaud rug underlay is made out of thin, light and fluffy polyester fabric with a scientifically formulated, clean-lift, water-based adhesive. It grips both the rug backing and the carpet or floor, firmly anchoring the rug in place. This product is available in a variety of sizes or can be cut to measure. Simply ask the friendly team at Rug Studio for more information!
underlay for your house

New Arrivals

New to Rug Studio Ponsonby are our "Millie" design wool dhurries.
"Millie" dhurries are soft textured, flat woven wool in either of two soft pastel tones or in styish Art Deco inspired Black.
Sized 110 x 160 cm ($220.00) or 160 x 230 cm ($420.00) these are stylish contemporary weaves in traditional natural fibre.

doormats on decking

Cowhide Rugs

Cowhide rugs provide classic interior styling. Rug Studio Ponsonby stock a range of cowhide products from natural hides in many colours to "La Paz" cowhide patchwork rugs that use a tapestry of hide to produce stunning contemporary designs in both natural and dyed colours.
La Paz hide rugs are also layered onto a felt backing to give both strength and comfort and are designed to give a hide rug in a traditional rug shape.
doormats on decking
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